Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Release: Luke Powers - Texasee

"Somewhere between Spicewood TX and Franklin TN lies the mythical state of
Texasee" proclaims Luke Powers. Musically, Texasee lies somewhere between Austin and Nashville, down some dusty road.

Once again Luke Powers has crafted a CD of story songs meant to provoke thought and wonder at alternative possibilities. Those alternative possibilities are central to the unique vision of our world as seen by Luke Powers. Of Luke's previous release, Picture Book, I wrote:
"During the day, Luke Powers is an English Professor at Tennessee State University with a Ph.D. in English from Vanderbilt and a M.A. in folklore from UNC-Chapel Hill (where he was a Morehead Scholar.) When not shaping young minds Luke writes. He writes fiction and poetry, and he writes songs, strong, concise, and sometimes haunting songs, full of vivid imagery and a touch of whimsy."
(Original review of Picture Book here.)

In the state of Texasee "Billy the Kid Rides Again", this time we find the fabled outlaw oddly at home in postmodern America and at odds with the law for riding a horse without a license. Elvis' long, sad decline is chronicled from the point of view of his dead twin brother in "Aron Presley." "Paul is Dead" explores the urban legend alleging Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a look-and-sound-alike.

As with his previous outing, Picture Book, Luke Powers is backed by some top-notch musicians. Texasee was co-produced and recorded by Tommy Spurlock (Rick Danko, David Olney and The Band) who also provides the album's idiosyncratic steel guitar. AMA Instrumentalist of the Year, Kenny Vaughan on guitar, Jamie Oldaker on drums, and John Davis (Superdrag) on vocal, bass and guitars round out the sound. Suzi Ragsdale provided stunning vocals.

"I'm tired of all these warbly, navel-gazing 'Americana' songs," Luke says, "I wanted to take a more Sam Peckinpah approach."

Luke Powers - Tops of the Trees.mp3
"As high as anyone needs to be." - Luke Powers

Artist: Luke Powers
Ttile: Texasee
Artist Website: texasee.com
MySpace: myspace.com/lukepowers
Publisher: phoebeclaire.com
Purchase or Download at: CD Baby


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