Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jim Boggia — Misadventures in Stereo

This third release from Jim Boggia may well be the consummate power-pop record I have ever heard. Granted, I do not normally listen to pop, much less feature it here on the Bus. But the proficiency with which Boggia presents his craft crosses the musical walls that many of us erect. To be sure Misadventures in Stereo is filled with the smooth harmonies and emotion-grabbing hooks that define the genre, and Jim Boggia uses these delineating characteristics in a smooth, coherent manner that is especially satisfying.

Now, I am not a regular listener to pop music and hardly qualified to write an unbiased review, but I do appreciate good music and Jim Boggia makes some very good music. Jim Boggia was deeply influenced by some of the best that pop music has to offer. The best influences of the Kinks, Beach Boys, Harry Nilsson, Stevie Wonder, Cat Stevens, the Beatles, Aimee Mann, and Emitt Rhodes have been absorbed by Boggia and finely crafted into his own. The cut entitled “Listening to NRBQ” (an homage to NRBQ that features a guitar solo from NRBQ’s lead guitarist, singer and songwriter Al Anderson) is a reminiscence of a love affair and a mutual love of classic pop music that, to me sums up this well composed and flawlessly executed example of what popular music can be.

Misadventures in Stereo is a thoroughly enjoyable release that has spent a surprising amount of time in my CD player.

Jim Boggia - Three Weeks Shy.mp3
Jim Boggia says of Three Weeks Shy - “The guy in this song lost his brother in Iraq. There are over 4000 stories like this and counting. Please play this song in the months leading up to the election.”
I thought the song entirely appropriate for today.

Artist: Jim Boggia
Artist Website:
Title: Misadventures in Stereo
Label: bluhammock music
Release Date: August 5, 2008
Available for: purchase or download from:, CD Baby, or your independent local record store.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Consummate power-pop indeed! I didn't know how much I missed owning and listening to a record that I could just put on & enjoy from start to finish until I heard the new Jim Boggia record.

September 13, 2008 2:45 PM  
Anonymous dan said...

Nice one, Ed! This is the kinda pop that we grew up with, and it still works nicely. On this track, I'm hearing a lot of 60's soul sound. Those horn remind me of Tower of Power stuff, or even Chicago before they folded. Great post!

September 18, 2008 6:48 PM  

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