Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fall Festivals - Update

This fall is shaping up to be a great festival season. Thanks to all who wrote to let me know of festivals that I had neglected to include in the Fall Festival List.

Our friend and frequent rider, John, reminded us of the Fox Valley Festival. Although I missed the festival, John took some great photos, check them out (link is in the comments to the original post.) Looks like a great time.

A very good friend from the Ozarks wrote to tell of a few festivals down his way. When I saw his note I just had to shake my head in disbelief. I can’t believe I forgot to list the Walnut Valley Festival (known to music fans worldwide simply as ‘Winfield’.)

Autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy some live music.

Lily Brothers - We're Going to Have a Big Time Here Tonight.mp3

Joe Maphis - Old Black Mountain Saturday Night.mp3

The Osborne Brothers - Hillbilly Fever.mp3

Country Gentlemen - On The Sunny Side Of Life.mp3

The following are additions to the Fall Festival List.

Jumpin’ Bluegrass ’08 & Virginia State Bluegrass Championship
Chesterfield, Virginia
September 11 – September 14, 2008

East Troy Bluegrass Festival
East Troy, Wisconsin
September 13 - September 14, 2008

Walnut Valley Festival
Winfield, Kansas
September 17 - September 21, 2008

Starvy Creek Bluegrass Festival
Conway, Missouri
September 18 - September 20, 2008

Edmonton Chante Festival
Edmonton, Alberta
September 27 – October 04, 2008

Jerusalem Ridge Bluegrass Celebration
Jerusalem Ridge, Kentucky
October 02 - October 05, 2008

Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival
Guthrie, Oklahoma
October 02 - October 04, 2008

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass
San Francisco, Callifornia
October 03 - October 05, 2008

Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention
Athens, Alabama
October 03 - October 04, 2008

Turkey Track Bluegrass Festival
Waldron, Arkansas
October 08 - October 11, 2008

South Carolina State Bluegrass Festival
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
November 21 - November 23, 2008


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ed are you getting to got many?


September 12, 2008 1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Chesterfield show this weekend is near Chester where the building collapsed, isn't it? Hope they have a moment of silence for the deceased, then play loud enough for the dead to hear.

September 12, 2008 3:10 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Joey, As you know, my wife is a school teacher and school has started. That and the cost of travel will limit my festival attendance this season. But, I do intend to attend as many as I can within VA, WV, NC, SC, TN.

September 12, 2008 6:42 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

To know of the building collapse you must be fairly local. Yes, the Chesterfield festival is about five miles from Chester Village Green. I live about five miles from each.
I second your proposal for a moment of silence, followed by bluegrass "loud enough for the dead to hear."

September 12, 2008 6:46 PM  
Anonymous john said...

Here's some photos from Sunday at the East Troy WI Bluegrass Festival:

The rain forced the festival inside to St. James United Methodist Church.

The corned beef sandwiches were fantastic!

September 15, 2008 2:00 AM  
Blogger Ed said...

Great photos once again, John. Hmmm... Good music, shelter, AND corned beef? Now that's a weekend!

September 16, 2008 1:34 PM  

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