Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Release: Jon Shain - Army Jacket Winter

Jon Shain’s emotion filled lyrics, deft guitar playing, and diverse musical roots are as comfortable as the well worn thrift store favorite referenced in the CD’s title. Army Jacket Winter is the fifth solo release from veteran singer/songwriter Jon Shain and is a wonderfully diverse collection covering a spectrum of roots influences.

Army Jacket Winter opens with a cover of Tom Petty’s “Time to Move On” with wonderfully engaging acoustic finger-picked guitar and lilting harmonica. Shain’s brilliant fingerstylings were honed during an apprenticeship with legendary Piedmont blues guitarist Richard "Big Boy" Henry in the late 1980s. Jon Shain has taken some ribbing about his ‘50s Sears Silvertone guitar, but the sounds he coaxes from it equal any high dollar brand name axe. His song “Silvertone” is a delightful ode to his trusty tool that “can take my blues and somehow make ‘em shine.”

Aside from the opening cut, all of the compositions on Army Jacket Winter are insightful observations of the trials and joys of life from the pen of Jon Shain. He is a masterful songwriter who draws listeners into each song to feel the compassion, loss, and hopes. The soft sound of the accordion, guitar, and piano on "In Real Time" conjures up the sights and sounds on a small sidewalk café in Paris. "To Rise Again" pays homage to post-Katrina New Orleans with a bluesy interplay between harmonica and muted trumpet as thick as the humidity on a south Louisiana summer night.

Another reviewer wrote “it is clear that Shain has stretched his musical envelope on this album”, I couldn’t agree more. Army Jacket Winter is a wonderfully diverse and totally satisfying introduction to the world of this masterful musician and songwriter.

Jon Shain - Another Month Of Mondays.mp3

Jon Shain - Pictures From The Past.mp3

Jon Shain - "Army Jacket Winter"
Label: Flyin' Records


Anonymous Dan said...

Thanks for the Jon, Ed. The first track reminds of Leon Russell for vocal timbre. The second reminds me a lot of The Band's song stylings. Both are great. I think you've sold a CD.

October 26, 2007 6:19 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Dan, Funny that you should mention Leon Russell and The Band, I also here influences of both. On other songs I hear Randy Newman, Prof. Longhair, and Steve Goodman, all impressive inspiration.

The more I listen to Army Jacket Winter the more I find subtle touches that make it an outstanding work.

You will enjoy this CD, my friend.

October 26, 2007 8:02 PM  

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