Sunday, June 10, 2007

Everything's Okay

What a great weekend that was!

Our good friend Walt has been a daily rider on the Bus since it hit the road again over a year and a half ago. Walt has often contributed music from his own collection to share with fellow riders. Last week Walt made a trip to the Blue Ridge to visit family and returned with a bunch of 78s. Once again, he offered to share them with us.

Over the next several weeks (or months) I’ll be posting some of Walt’s treasures. I managed to transfer a few to digital over the weekend and thought that this one, in particular, was a good one to start the week.

“Luke the Drifter” was the nom de plume used by Hank Williams (yes, that Hank Williams) for his more moralistic material. While Hank Williams sang songs of drinking and cheating, Luke the Drifter performed songs with a brighter message in the manner of a country preacher.

Luke the Drifter (Hank Williams) - Everything's Okay.mp3


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