Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mountain Fever

Mid-week and I’m already looking forward to the weekend. I’ve been putting in 10-12 hour days at the plant since February and it looks as if the overtime will continue through June. I’m in need of a fast moving mountain stream to dip a paddle in.

I started wasting my time on rivers as a young boy with a fishin’ pole. The Patuxent River was just a short walk down a lonely country road from my childhood home and many a summer day of my youth was spent along the riverbank. At the age of fourteen I traded some of my hard earned paper route money for my first kayak. Not willing to risk my new craft on the swift waters of the river, I walked a mile of railroad track with my new boat on my shoulder to one of my favorite small lakes. There I practiced making that pointed little craft go in the direction I desired and perfected my “wet exit.” A wet exit is an emergency move to get out of an overturned kayak. It was on that lake, down the tracks and deep in the woods, where I successfully completed my first Eskimo roll. A sweep of the paddle and a quick snap of my hips, and I was sitting upright again. Now I was ready for that river!

Over the years I have owned dozens of small watercraft. The time I spend on the water is some of my most precious. Whether a peaceful paddle along a glassy lake, parting reeds in a marsh or swamp, or dancing amongst the foam of a lively whitewater river, few things can renew and relax as just “messing about in small boats.”

We have several challenging whitewater rivers just a few miles from my current home and I plan to be on one of them this weekend, but I’m really ready for a road trip to the mountains, and the cool, fast moving waters that renew the spirit.

Roy Ross - Blue Ridge Breakdown.mp3

Bill Harrell & The Virginians - I Want To Go Back To The Mountains.mp3

Jim Greer - My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains.mp3

The Delmore Brothers - Going Back To The Blue Ridge Mountains.mp3


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