Tuesday, May 29, 2007

If I didn't have to work...

Well the first day back at work went fairly smooth. I like these short weeks. Next weekend is already within sight.

I’ve always considered myself lucky to be able to make a good living doing something that I enjoy. As much as I complain about work, I really do enjoy my chosen career, but, I have been doing it for thirty-two years! I’m not quite ready to retire, but I sure do try to enjoy my time off.

The Dixon Brothers - Weave Room Blues.mp3

The Dixon Brothers - Spinning Room Blues.mp3

Merl Lindsay & His Oklahoma Night Riders - Cotton Sack Drag.mp3

When I do retire, I believe I’ll build another Old Blue Bus and travel to as many festivals as possible. Here’s a list of some more great festivals this summer. Thanks to all the folks that sent in links to their favorites.

North Carolina Sate Bluegrass Festival
June 14 - 16
Cherokee, North Carolina

Telluride Bluegrass Festival
June 21 - 24
Telluride, Colorado

Old Songs Festival of Traditional Music & Dance
June 22 - 24
Altamont, New York

Tottenham Bluegrass Festival
June 22 - 24
Tottenham, Ontario

Stan Rogers Folk Festival
June 29 – July 1
Canso, Nova Scotia

Winnipeg Folk Festival
July 5 - 8
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Woody Guthrie Folk Festival
July 11 - 15
Okemah, Oklahoma

30th Annual Vancouver Folk Festival
July 13 -15
Vancouver, British Columbia

Lowell Folk Festival
July 27 - 29
Lowell, Massachusetts

Champlain Valley Folk Festival
August 3 – 5
Ferrisburgh, Vermont

Newport Folk Festival
August 3 -5
Newport, Rhode Island

Edmonton Folk Music Festival
August 9 -12
Edmonton, Alberta

46th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival
August 17 - 19
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fox Valley Folk Music
& Storytelling Festival

September 2 - 3
Geneva, Illinois

Walnut Valley Festival
September 12 - 16
Winfield, Kansas


Anonymous john said...

Retired two years now and still haven't made it to a festival. Too busy!

May 30, 2007 4:16 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

John, It sounds like you traded the workaday world for a Honey-do list and improved your commute. I'm glad you can take a little time out to join us on the Bus.

May 31, 2007 6:02 AM  

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