Thursday, April 19, 2007

Takin' Bluegrass to New England

In previous posts I’ve featured a few of the artists that helped to bring the music of the Southern Appalachians to new audiences. No discussion about the spread of Bluegrass would be complete without mention of the Lilly Brothers and Don Stover.

The Lilly Brothers, Everett and Bea Lilly, were raised in the rural community of Clear Creek, near Beckley, West Virginia. Raised on the popular brother duets of the 1930s, the Lilly brothers first performed together as the Lonesome Holler Boys. Around 1938 they were invited to perform on the Old Farm Hour on WCHS radio in Charleston.

While they enjoyed a local popularity it was their move to Boston in 1952 that would set them on a path to musical history. The move to Boston was at the request of a friend, Tex Logan. With Don Stover, on banjo, making a foursome, the Lilly Brothers and Don Stover played at the famous Hillbilly Ranch in Boston and toured all over New England. They were one of the first real, professional bluegrass bands to perform regularly in the Northeast and can be credited with bringing an appreciation for Bluegrass to the folks of New England.

The Lilly Bothers & Don Stover - The Old Home Town.mp3

The Lilly Bothers & Don Stover - Good Old Mountain Dew.mp3

The Lilly Bothers & Don Stover - Long Journey Home.mp3

The Lilly Bothers & Don Stover - We're Going to Have a Big Time Here Tonight.mp3


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They talk about Monroe and the Stanley brothers, where have they put these guys on the list?? Finer bluegrass you won't hear. Wayne

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