Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dust off that Dulcimer

I must admit that I am a bit surprised and very pleased that so many of you good folks have enjoyed the dulcimer music that I have posted this week.

There are lots of good sources of dulcimer info on the web, including the complete text to Robert Force and Albert d’Ossché’s In Search of the Wild Dulcimer .

Below I have listed a few of the best sources of information on the dulcimer:

Robert Force has an incredible amount of information, songs, playing tips, and more at:
Robert Force

Mary Z. Cox is best known for her wonderful Old Time banjo, but she also plays and teaches dulcimer. Check out her wonderful Dulcimer Fandango CD (scroll down, about halfway down the page):
Mary Z. Cox

Bonnie Carol has combined two of my interests with a “Rivers and Dulcimers” trip. Bonnie also teaches and her partner, Max Krimmel, is a luthier of fine dulcimers.
Bonnie Carol

Luthier Jerry Rockwell builds dulcimers as beautiful to look at as to hear. His website offers a wealth of information on improving the sound of your instrument and discussions on modal music theory:
Jerry Rockwell

The journal for everything dulcimer, Dulcimer Player News, has long been the source for news and information on instruments, lessons, musicians, and more. Subscriptions now include a sampler CD.
Dulcimer Player News

Homespun offers several video dulcimer lessons, including an excellent tape by the late David Schnauffer.
Homespun Tapes

The dulcimer offers an easy-to-learn and inexpensive way to make your own music. I’d be willing to bet that a few riders on the Bus may have a dulcimer tucked away that they bought years ago with the intention of learning to play one day. It may be time to dust it off, tune it up, and start making some wonderful music.

Force & d’Ossché - Conversations with the River.mp3


Blogger Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I may have to ask Sonja if she would like to dust off my dulcimer the next time we haven't had a hayride for a while.

March 15, 2007 10:49 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Take care with something that old. Be sure that its worth the effort.

March 17, 2007 8:27 PM  

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