Monday, February 05, 2007

Upcoming Release from Cary Fridley

There is something very satisfying and comforting in an Old Time mountain ballad sung in the traditional, unadorned female voice. Cary Fridley has the quintessential mountain ballad voice. Cary first came to my attention as the guitarist and vocalist for the now disbanded Freight Hoppers.

During the 1990s, the Freight Hoppers one of the most popular of Old Time string bands, and had a lasting affect on the genre. The members may have parted ways, but their influence continues. Band leader and banjo artist, Frank Lee has released several clawhammer banjo CDs and an instructional video. Fiddler, David Bass now provides the fire for the innovative Forge Mountain Diggers. The Freight Hoppers other fiddler (but, certainly not second fiddle), Rayna Gellert has continued to wow audiences as a member of the all-female Old Time band, Uncle Earl.

Cary Fridley is originally from Covington, Kentucky, where traditional singing is highly regarded. Cary’s 2001 solo release Neighbor Girl is a wonderful collection of traditional songs and is praised for her pure, passionate treatment of classic mountain ballads.

For the past several months Cary Fridley has been in the studio working on a new CD due to be released this March. As expected the new CD will feature traditional songs and ballads of the Southern Appalachians, but will also have a few surprises. Cary has recorded a couple of modern country songs, complete with drums and electronic instruments.

Check here for up-to-date news on the new release.

Cary Fridley – Pretty Saro.mp3
rough (un-mastered) cut from the new CD.

Cary Fridley – Pretty Crowing Chicken.mp3
from Neighbor Girl

Cary Fridley – Early, Early In The Spring.mp3
from Neighbor Girl

Neighbor Girl and the two Freight Hoppers CDs are available from and County Sales.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of possible interest...

Rural String Bands of Virginia

1 J.P. Nestor
2 Bull Mountain Moonshiners
3 Crockett Ward & His Boys
4 Dr. Lloyd & Howard Maxey
5 Patterson's Piedmont Log Rollers
6 Salem Highballers
7 Grant Brothers
8 Blue Ridge Highballers
9 Kelly Harrell & The Virginia String Band
10 Roanoke Jug Band
11 Uncle Eck Dunford & Hattie Stoneman
12 Spangler & Pearson
13 Floyd County Ramblers
14 Fiddlin' Powers Family
15 Bela Lam & The Greene County Singers
16 Dad Blackard's Moonshiners

Bill (occasionally)

February 06, 2007 7:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw c'mon. Rayna Gellert is a good fiddler allright, but she was only in the Freighthoppers for like 10 minutes and for only two reasons: 1)(omitted to protect the innocent) 2) David Bass was waiting for a heart transplant and the band still had booking obligations.

Yes, Rayna's a very fine fiddler, but she gets way more credit that she deserves for her part in The Freighthoppers

February 06, 2007 7:57 PM  

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