Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Upcoming Releases on Rebel Records

I’m pretty excited about some up coming new releases from one of my favorite independent labels. Rebel Records has been at the forefront of Bluegrass and real Country music for going on four decades now.

The newest release from The Kenny & Amanda Smith Band, "Tell Someone", is scheduled to be in stores today. Several songs from the cd have been getting airplay and requests at radio stations across the country. "Tell Someone” has been available only from Kenny & Amanda Smith at their concerts and festival appearances. If you haven’t been able to get a copy yet, head out for your favorite independent record dealer, "Tell Someone” will be on the shelves today.

For the new release from John Starling, "Slidin' Home", we still have to wait a couple more weeks. John Starling, joined by other original Seldom Scene members, Mike Auldridge and Tom Grey are joined by Emmylou Harris for one of the most anticipated new releases since the Seldom Scene’s “Old Train”.

I’ve been a fan of the original Scene since their days at the Red Fox Inn in Bethesda, Maryland, even before they recorded together. Starling, Auldridge, and Grey (and the late John Duffy) were a powerhouse of excellent musicians who turned a few heads by bending the boundaries of the genre. They have had thirty years to tighten up. That stirring, soulful sound that made the original Seldom Scene an instant legend now belongs to Carolina Star.

I haven’t gotten a pre-release copy (yet?), but what I’ve heard so far has me anticipating the release of "Slidin' Home" more than any cd in recent memory. Head on over to John Starling’s MySpace page for the tour schedule (The first two weeks of February they will be in Alberta). While you are at their MySpace page, have a listen to their superb rendition of Lowell George’s classic truckin’ anthem, “Willin’”. "Slidin' Home" is scheduled to be on store shelves February 20th.

Here are two cuts from “Slidin' Home" sent by Tricia at Lotos Nile to share with the riders on the Bus.

John Starling and Carolina Star - Cold Hard Business.mp3

John Starling and Carolina Star - In My Hour of Darkness.mp3

Lotos Nile Media, Marketing & Music is a company with a unique angle on helping independent artists get the word out. Lotos Nile realizes that the best way to spread the word is through the word-of-mouth of fans. Similar to the ‘Street Teams’ that some independent labels use to promote new releases, Lotos Nile has developed the River Runners program to help fans by offering special incentives, gifts and prizes. Lotos Nile currently has campaigns working for John Starling and Carolina Star, Jeff Black, Cadillac Sky, The John Cowan Band, and Stoll Vaughan.

As part of the “word-of-mouth” campaign for John Starling, Lotos Nile is giving away a copy of "Slidin’ Home" signed by John Starling and Emmylou Harris to the fan that sends the news to the most friends. If you are interested in entering, click here.

To sign up as a River Runner and help spread the word about good music (no cost, no obligation) click here.

Independent artists are not backed by the deep pockets of the major record labels, and rely on just the sort of “word-of-mouth” marketing that Lotos Nile (or the Bus, for that matter) provides. Friends telling friends.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice way to start out on a easy Wednesday morning. Lets see if
we can keep the whole day this way


January 31, 2007 7:35 AM  
Blogger Ed said...

I'll assume you are at work today, Joey. If you can pull off an easy day, go for it.

January 31, 2007 5:08 PM  

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