Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Out of Place

Earlier this year we found some great Blues from the Netherlands and a blend of Zydeco and Reggae in Baltimore and they both work out extremely well.

Daniel Lohues & the Louisiana Blues Club play the Blues as well as many bands in the South with a few differences. Daniel Lohues plays the Blues in the Netherlands. He writes and sings all of his songs in his native Drents, a rural dialect of Dutch. This talented musician sounds good in any language. In the US you can buy a copy of his CD at

The Crawdaddies were founded on the simple premise of “why not, it might just work”. Baltimore has a history of being home to some off-the-wall people. I can say that with some authority, having spent my misguided formative years in the Baltimore-Washington area. The Crawdaddies claim that they “infuse Cajun, Zydeco, Funk, Swing, Soul, Reggae, Roots and Rock into an incomparable, groove-laden sound that is unquestionably its own”. Their newest CD, Keep Lookin' Up, was just released this month. Keep Lookin' Up and their two previous CDs are available at, and CD Baby.

Daniel Lohues & the Louisiana Blues Club - Nils Holgerssons Blues.mp3

The Crawdaddies - Gimme Some.mp3


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