Wednesday, December 20, 2006


As I was going over the posts of the past year I realized that I didn’t feature as much new Bluegrass music as usual. It’s not that there weren’t lots of great new Bluegrass releases, it’s just that Bluegrass is so well covered other places. On the Bus I try to present artists that don’t get written up in the mainstream press.

Cletus and the Burners were(?) an Ithaca, New York based group of young musicians with a really nice Bluegrass sound. Unfortunately, their website has been taken down and their record label I Town Records lists their CDs as “none available”. The Ithaca based music shop FunkySide does list all three of the band’s CDs and offers downloadable versions and shipped copies.

Black Diamond is a band I found on a trip through West Virginia this summer. I was impressed with their fine representation of traditional Bluegrass so representative of the coalmining region of western Virginia and eastern West Virginia. This is the home of Ralph and Carter Stanley and Black Diamond upholds the tradition superbly.

Cadillac Sky are soon to be the new powerhouse on the Bluegrass music scene. My original post was only a couple weeks ago so I won’t repeat it here. Their first CD, Blind Man Walking will be released on Skaggs Family Records and will hit the stores on January 23rd. Visit the band's website for tour info and to pre-order a copy of Blind Man Walking (all pre-orders will be autographed by the band). Their MySpace page has tour info and several great streaming songs off of the up coming CD.

Cletus and the Burners - When I'm Gone.mp3

Black Diamond - Black Diamond Coal.mp3

Cadillac Sky - Born Lonesome.mp3


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