Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving is past and the humble celebration of grace and kinship with all mankind was followed by the frenzied masses storming the big discount stores, known as Black Friday. The Christmas shopping season has officially begun. I’ve already heard a couple of Christmas songs on the radio. I was washing the cars, enjoying a few beers and a sunny Sunday in the upper 70sF (25°C) when the man on the radio played a few Christmas songs in a row. I put on a CD and poured myself another beer.

Several blogs will be starting their annual deluge of Christmas music as well. One of my favorites is the honky tonk Christmas selections posted at Big Rock Candy Mountain, check in daily (?) from now until the big day.

    Here on the Bus I've made a few minor changes:

    I've added some neat little green "play" arrows before each .mp3 link. Clicking on the arrow will start the song in a streaming audio format within the page. When the song is streaming the green arrow will change to a red "stop" button. No need for WinMedia, Quicktime, Winamp or any external .mp3 player. This feature is Java-driven, so you must have Java enabled for it to work. I have left the song titles as regular links for those that prefer to download the regular way.

    WebJay has been having trouble for the past few months with their servers down more often than not, so I have removed the button and link.

    Also, you may have noticed that I added a Babel Fish Translater last month. The riders on the Bus are a diverse lot with close to 40% of our visitors being from non-english speaking countries.

Now, how 'bout some music?


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