Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oxford American Annual Music Issue

A few months ago I posted a tribute to Arkansas' Armstrong Twins. I almost didn't post the piece I had written because of the difficult time I was having finding information about Floyd and Lloyd Armstrong. I decided to post what little I could find (original post here) because I knew that the riders on the Bus would enjoy the music of the Armstrong Twins.

Several weeks after the post I received an email from music writer and reviewer Amanda Petrusich (Seattle Weekly, Paste Magazine). She was working on an article about the Armstrong Twins for the annual music issue of Oxford American and wondered if I had any additional information. We exchanged a few emails and I wished her better luck than I had.

The 2006 Music Issue of Oxford American is now on the shelves of better newsstands. Amanda's article is worth the price of the magazine alone, but to sweeten the deal it comes with a CD of 24 fine examples of Southern music and articles about each of the artists.

I want to congratulate Amanda on her superb article and thank her for referring to the Old Blue Bus as a "wonderful Americana blog" (pg. 74).

Pick up a copy or subscribe. If you are entertained by my humble ramblings, you'll love the way the pros do it.


Blogger Greg said...

Glad you caught that issue, Ed. i was naturally delighted to find the Twins inside & on the CD. Gotta give you credit for intro-ing me to them in the first place. I still wig out when I listen to "Mandolin Rag." And I think the way you write about the music is as good as any so-called comes from the heart and is informed by your knowledge and love of the music. That's why I ride the Bus!

November 17, 2006 2:51 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Aw Shucks, Greg.

I think this is AO's best music issue yet. I am a bit surprised that they didn't choose to include "Mandolin Boogie", but the variety of genres they did include is wonderful. As a long time fan of Gary Stewart, I was especially pleased to see an article about and song from him.

Thanks for the kind words, Greg, I really do appreciate your comments.

November 17, 2006 8:54 PM  

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