Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Anywhere Else - Blind Corn Licker Pickers

Lexington, Kentucky is where The Blind Corn Liquor Pickers started as a local college-town party band mixing traditional bluegrass with the high energy drive of party rock. The band consists of: Tom Fassas, on guitar and backing vocals, a graduate of the Berklee School of Music and brings his interest in progressive rock, blues, jazz and bluegrass; Joel Serdenis, on mandolin and lead vocals, is the primary composer for the band; Travis Young, on banjo and backing vocals, is a vagabond with an off-the-wall sense of humor and is responsible for many of the band's stranger lyrics; Todd Anderson, on upright bass and lead vocals, his bass slapping and on stage antics are the centerpiece of the band's live shows.

"Though the Blind Corn Liquor Pickers four Kentucky natives who play mandolin, guitar, banjo, and upright bass fleetingly give the appearance of a traditional bluegrass band, the illusion is shattered as soon as they launch into the Talking Heads Once In A Lifetime. If the name didn't do the trick."
- Jewly Hight in No Depression May/June 2006

The Blind Corn Licker Pickers have used the colorful history of their home state as inspiration for many of their original tunes. Although many of their songs are humorous, BCLP is not just another novelty band. These guys are talented musicians, and take their music seriously, even if they have a good time poking fun at themselves and the stranger side of rural American life. Currently, they are only a band on weekends and do not tour far from their Kentucky homes, as each has a regular day job to put food on the table.

Pull the cork on a fresh jug and enjoy a swig of the Blind Corn Licker Pickers spirited, good-time music.

Blind Corn Liquor Pickers - Bad Tom Smith.mp3

Blind Corn Liquor Pickers - Once In A Lifetime.mp3

Buy a copy of "Anywhere Else" here.


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