Thursday, September 28, 2006

Timeless: Jim Post

Many of the riders on this Bus are, like me, Boomers, and the music of the 1960s and 1970s hold a special place in our collective memories.

One of the anthems of the protest movement was a song entitled "Reach Out Of The Darkness". You may recall the song which was performed by a duo that went by the name of Friend and Lover and made the top ten charts in 1968. Friend and Lover was singer/songwriter Jim Post and his wife Cathy Conn. The duo, and marriage, broke up after several recordings that never attained the popularity of "Reach Out Of The Darkness". Jim Post started his career as a member of the 60s folk group The Rum Runners. After the demise of Friend and Lover he continued writing and performing on the folk circuit throughout the Midwest. His songs have always been poignant essays on the world around us. Post has a keen eye and the ability to voice his views on politics, pollution, corruption, whatever seems out of sorts.

In the 1990s Jim Post took to the stage in a one man play as Mark Twain. His plays combine the words of America's greatest humorist with Post's well-crafted songs and have received excellent reviews across the country. Post and his second wife, Janet, have written several children's educational books and recorded an educational CD for young children.

The songs I have included here are from his 1979 live album, "Magic". The songs were topical when the album was released, unfortunately they are still relevant. Maybe even more than when they were first written.

Jim Post - Let The Sun Shine.mp3

Jim Post - I Want To Go Back To California.mp3

Jim Post - Get Off, Lay Back.mp3

Jim Post's timeless music of the past few decades, as well as all of his new works are available HERE. For more info on Jim Post's play "Mark Twain and the Laughing River" and his CDs, Children's books, and concert schedule visit

Now play "Get Off, Lay Back" one more time.
Y'all have a good weekend!


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