Sunday, August 06, 2006

Military brat who sings the blues

One of my favorite ways of finding new artists is by searching the credits on the back of CDs for names of artists I am familiar with and like.

That is how I first found Lawrence J. Clark. He has been performing for over twenty years, yet I had not heard anything by or about him until I noticed the credits on his New Horizon CD. A few names caught my eye, but it was Ruthie Foster's name that really piqued my interest. I ordered the CD expecting some great blues, which New Horizon does have, but that was just the start. The son of a U.S. Air Force seargent, Lawrence J. Clark has been on the move most of his life and that gypsy lifestyle has exposed him to a wide variety of musical styles. First off, he is a singer/songwriter in the folk tradition, but as any musician who wants to continue eating and housing him or herself knows, one has to be able to play to a wider audience. Lawrence J. Clark has done a mighty fine job of playing a variety of styles, and playing them well.

Now based out of the Houston, Texas area, Clark has several CDs available and is currently working on a new CD and a book of poetry. Visit his website for more info, also visit this link for his biography and a few audio and video clips.

Lawrence J. Clark's CDs are available directly from his website or at CD Baby.

Lawrence J. Clark - In the Moonlight.mp3

Lawrence J. Clark - Gone With the Wind.mp3

Lawrence J. Clark - Who Sings the Blues.mp3


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