Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gettin' back to her roots

So far this week I've rambled on about a few different ways of finding new artists. I was going to post a few cuts from some great artists I had found in the past and then never heard any more from. One of my best finds back in the early 1990's was a young woman by the name of Kristen Hall. Her songwriting struck me as especially strong. She released a CD in 1991 entitled Fact and Fiction that I just about wore out with repeated playing. For some reason, I lost track of her. I just never heard of her doing anything else.

Well, those of you that listen to commercial country may have heard of the little trio she was part of until this past January. Country music chart-toppers Sugarland have had half a dozen top ten hits with songs such as "Down in Mississippi (Up to No Good)", "Baby Girl", and "Something More". I don't listen to pop country radio, so I was not familiar with Sugarland or their hit songs. In fact it was only tonight as I was doing a search to find out what ever happened to that wonderful singer/songwriter, Kristen Hall, that I found she was with and just left Sugarland to concentrate on her songwriting.

Yes, my world is small and comfortable, but the people there know me.
Here is a cut from Kristen Hall's 1991 Fact and Fiction. I hope the fame and fortune of Nashville were good to her. I must say I was happy to hear she is returning home to write again.

Kristen Hall - Too Long Running.mp3


Anonymous Lucy said...

Good post, Ed. I like her.

I admit it; I listen to commercial country & clasic rock stations, and I have a Sugarland CD. I'll take my seat at the back of the Bus now.

August 09, 2006 9:24 AM  

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