Thursday, July 13, 2006

Friday Freestyle Radio

Friday at last!

It's been one of those weeks and I've been looking forward to this weekend more than I usually do.

To start the weekend right, and keep the flavor of the past dozen posts, I've been dusting off some older CDs and found a few goodies that just sound good to me. Just a couple of songs that should have been heard on the radio before the corporate takeover of our airwaves. There is over a century of recorded music now, why is it mostly the mediocre that gets airplay?

First up is Bob Neuwirth. "Bob Who?", I can hear many of you asking. Neuwirth is known more to musicians than he is to listeners. During the 1960s he was part of the Boston Blues-Folk scene, where he learned his craft from the likes of Mississippi John Hurt, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, and the Rev. Gary Davis. After hitchhiking to the west coast, he worked the Bay area clubs and spent time on the road with Bob Dylan. He made a few documentary films before traveling to Nashville with Kris Kristofferson. He co-wrote the song "Mercedes Benz" with Janis Joplin and has recorded or worked with Robert Earl Keen Jr., Tom Russell, John Cale, Patti Smith, k.d. lang, Peter Case. In recent years he has produced other documentary films such as "Down From The Mountain". He most recently recorded a CD in Havana, titled Havana Midnight, with some of Cuba's top musicians. This cut is from his 1988 release Back to the Front.

Janis Ian started life with a tough row to hoe. Born to interracial parents in 1951, she legally emancipated herself from them at the age of 15. She wrote and sang her first hit song "Society's Child" at that time. The song was controversial even for the turbulent '60s and many radio stations banned it from their playlists, but that couldn't stop it from hitting #14 on the Billboard charts during the summer of 1967. Her most notable song At Seventeen, about teenage angst, is as pertinent today as it was when it reached #3 on the charts in 1975. With well over thirty albums to date, Janis Ian has not slowed down. She is an outspoken critic of the RIAA and was one of the first artists to post free downloads on her website.
This cut is from her 2000 release God and the FBI.

I've featured a few cuts from Katy Moffat in the past. Early on, when the style of music they play was called "Progressive Country" Katy, and brother, Hugh Moffat gathered a large audience drawn to their heartfelt songs and harmonies only siblings can produce. Katy's voice is rich with emotion and amazing no matter what she is singing, be it country, blues, folk, or Tejano with Rosie Flores (when Katy and Rosie both add their powerful voices to a song, it's an event to be savored! The two are currently putting the finishing touches on a new release together.)
This cut is from Hugh and Katy Moffat's 1994 Dance Me Outside

Bob Neuwirth - Eye On The Road.mp3

Janis Ian - Boots like Emmy Lou's.mp3

Katy & Hugh Moffatt - Right Over Me.mp3

Y'all have a good weekend!


Blogger Chris said...

Hi Ed...thanks for the Bob Neuwirth song, it has been a while since I've listened to anything by him.

Have a good weekend yourself!

July 14, 2006 7:07 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Hi Chris - You are among the few who are familliar with Bob Neuwirth. His past few releases have been sort of "theme" albums with a world music flavor. I looking forward to getting a copy of "Havana Midnight".

Sometimes it's nice to blow the dust off a few CDs that made their way to the back of the racks.

July 16, 2006 9:06 PM  

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