Sunday, March 05, 2006

Smooth and gentrified

Deep in the Southern Appalachians, between the Blue Ridge and the Great Smokey Mountains lies the city of Asheville, North Carolina. It's been a few years since I've visited Asheville, but I've always enjoyed my trips there. Nestled into the surrounding mountains, Asheville is an up-scale, modern city populated by middle and upper-middle class corporate workers. Downtown boasts lots of arts, food, and music festivals throughout the year. Not your normal Appalachian city.
The Peg Twisters are an old-time band based in Asheville. Like their city, they have a sound that is a little more refined and polished. Dona Cavanagh's bright, light-handed fiddle is accompanied by the super-clean banjo of Bob Gregory and the smooth rhythm guitar of Jerry Sutton.
Smooth and gentrified - like fine sippin' whiskey.

The Peg Twisters - Gold Watch and Chain.mp3

The Peg Twisters - Briarpicker Brown.mp3


Anonymous Lucy said...

Lively little diddies to start out the week. I love Asheville; for a decade or better in the middle of March my husband & I played in a huge USVBA/USAV (volleyball) tournament called "Hi Neighbor". We had one of the party vans which he would drive down, so I could party, and I'd drive back, so he could take it easy. Since he's 15 yrs my senior, he needed more "recoop" time. I haven't played there since I turned 40, and sure miss it. My son's been picking up our slack and has been playing there for about 4 yrs. Great times were had by all; beautiful mountains & nice people.

March 06, 2006 8:54 AM  

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