Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The First Family of Cajun Music

One of the first Cajun bands to record, Breaux Frères was extremely popular amongst the Acadians of south Louisiana. The family band consisted of Cléoma Breaux on guitar, and her brothers, Amédé on accordion, Ophé on guitar, and Cléopha on the fiddle. They were the first known to record the now classic "Jolie Blonde" which they recorded under the title "Ma Blonde Est Partie".

Cajun music was one of the last of the "folk" musics that the big Northern record companies ventured into. As I've mentioned before, the big recording companies had no interest in the music of rural communities until they discovered just how large the audience (and profits) were for, first the blues ("race" records), then stringband (old-time), and country (hillbilly) records. It wasn't until 1928 that the first Cajun recording were made. Unfortunatley, it was already too late for several legendary musicians, notably accordionists August Breaux of Rayne, Moise Cormier of Bosco, and Armand Thibodeaux of Sunset, whose music, was never recorded and has been irretrievably lost.

Cléoma left the family band after her marriage to Joe Falcon. Falcon was the most popular Cajun accordionist at the time. Their recordings sold very well in southwest Louisiana and opened the doors of the recording studios to other Cajun artists.

Breaux Freres - Ma Blonde Est Partie.mp3
Recorded April 18, 1929

Joe Falcon - Osson Two Step.mp3
Also Recorded April 18, 1929


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