Sunday, February 19, 2006

To each 'is own

I've mentioned before in this space how subjects that stir deep emotion in the songwriter and singer make for powerful music. It doesn't matter what the subject is, as long as it provokes deep, heartfelt emotion in the performer. The blues of the poor and down-trodden, the anger of the protest singer, the hope for justice of the civil rights marchers, the loneliness of a wronged lover, and the belief in a deity, all have produced some of the greatest music.

Religion is one of those forces that stirs deep emotions. In my personal collection I have some powerful, moving, religious music. Everything from Gregorian chants and haunting Polynesian prayer songs, to the more familiar Christian gospel and New Orleans funeral marches. With the Middle East in an uproar over cartoons, arsonists torching Alabama churches, and the evangelical stranglehold on our Federal government, religion has been prominent in the news around the world lately.

No matter what your own beliefs, religion has an affect on the lives of us all. It has taught me to plan for the future. For if I empty my last bottle of hooch on Saturday night, I have to wait until Monday morning to restock. Thank God, I can run out for a beer after noon!

George Thompson - A Chaw Of Tobacco And A Little Drink
recorded February 1930

Corn Bred - God Don't Work The Night Shift
from It's Hot - 1978 Briar Records (out-of-print)

Bryan Bowers - Zen Gospel Singing
from By Heart - 1984 Flying Fish, buy it here
Yes, that is the Seldom Scene signing harmony.

John McCutcheon - Talking Pat and Jerry Blues
from Hail to the Chief!(and other short shelf-life classics) - buy it here, but, he offers it as a free download here.

If you are looking for some good gospel tunes, head on over to Long Sought Home, where Rob posts some wonderfully obscure, and powerful music of the afterlife.


Anonymous nap said...

I didn't get a chance to read or listen during the day to the new post. I must have played each song twice last night while working at home on the keys.
Good stuuf!

February 21, 2006 12:20 PM  

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