Monday, October 31, 2005

Heart of Dixie

The Bus is on the road again. A quick run through Alabama this trip.
Sit back, pour yourself a drink, and get comfortable. We won't hear the standards on this trip. No "Sweet Home Alabama" and no Lynyrd Skynyrd. We'll stick to the backroads.

In north Alabama, up on Sand Mountain, runs the beautiful Little River. Joey and I have a friend, Jack, who has a house overlooking Little River Falls in the canyon below. To reach Jack's place we'll drive down a dirt road through what seems to be an auto graveyard. A sweeping left curve at the top of the hill brings us to Jack's place. There's a couple of old station wagons in the yard, but they aren't junk. Nope, Jack's wife wanted a greenhouse to start her plants early in the spring, so Jack pulled them two station wagons up the hill and, well, they make mighty fine greenhouses.

Pierce Pettis is a native of Alabama and he writes and sings of his beloved home state often. I don't know if Pierce Pettis has ever stopped in to see Jack, but he has been to the Little River Canyon.
Pierce Pettis - Little River Canyon

Vivian's Keeper, although this trio of talented women are based in Portland, Oregon, I felt this song just fit today's journey.
Vivian's Keeper - Daughters of Eve

Kate_Campbell. Yea, I know Rock City is in Tennessee, but the billboards and painted barns are on every road for hundreds of miles. I can imagine growing up in north Alabama, seeing those barns painted in huge letters "See Rock City". It's quite tempting.
Kate Campbell - See Rock City


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