Monday, October 17, 2005

"He plays autoparts?"

Wow, whodathunkit! It seems lots of riders on the Old Blue Bus (both of you) are closet Autoharp enthusiasts. I got a comment from Joey, email and phone calls about yesterday's post. Actually, one of the phone calls was from KillerBob, another voice from the past. During our conversation he asked about a song by someone named Bryan something about a Scotsman. It may have been no more than a coincidence, but it tied in with yesterday's post.
I was negligent in posting Autoharp music, and mentioning Bryan Bowers, but not posting anything by the recognized master of the Autoharp.

Bryan Bowers from his By Heart album
An explanation/example of how he plays the Autoharp and two oft-requested nonsense songs.
Bryan Bowers - Battle Hymn of the Republic
Bryan Bowers - Four Wet Pigs
Bryan Bowers - The Scotsman

and from his The View From Home album
Bryan Bowers - Stephen Foster Medley


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again good job on your song selection. because you cant
go wrong with the sound of the

October 18, 2005 3:06 PM  

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